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Talent coaching – a good and necessary investment

At times of great focus on costs, investments must be made carefully – and rightly so. We see a tendency and need for businesses to put their stakes on 'feeding' and developing their own talents.

Leadership and talent development at Career Coach is based on your business' current and specific business needs and assists in releasing the talent pool that already exists in your business. And that's what creates bottom-line results. We carry out performance measurements based on KPIs that we have defined together.

Career Coach advises, develops and implements tailored development programmes within coaching.

Talent development
Career Coach helps your talents find into their passions and talents which, at the same time, support the business and objectives of the corporation. It is a creative process, which generates innovation in the business. The role of the business is to prepare the ground for creativity and let the talents find their way to the target.

"If innovation is to be given free rein, we must challenge the things we take for granted." Quotation: Innovation expert Ken Robinson.

Personal ambitions and unexploited talents are put into play and matched against your business' challenges and objectives. We challenge the conventional way of thinking and work our way to the heart of motivation, which puts unexploited potential into play.

Coaching of leaders and experts
Coaching is an intense process and a professional partnership between the coach and the employee. The coaching process raises awareness and attentiveness, and we support the employee in developing and fulfilling the objectives that we defined together. The employee is given tools to generate overview and finding strength through better planning and action, which will make it easier for the employee to prioritise and organise everyday work.

Career Coach pushes the individual leader's personal development by challenging the leader's mental strategies, views and business perspectives. The results become measurable when the leader gains insight into own strengths and weaknesses. This insight is the basis for generating results, building personal relations, handling stress and developing own skills – for the benefit of the business and the leader.

We generate development for employees and leaders in knowledge-intensive industries such as the IT, pharmaceutical and life science industries læs mere
  • Louise Vestergaard H. Lundbeck A/S
    Louise Vestergaard
    HR Global Talentudvikling
  • Laurits Bach Sørensen Aastra Telecom A/S
    Laurits Bach Sørensen
    Adm. direktør
  • Trine Brahm Novozymes A/S
    Trine Brahm
    HR Udviklingschef
  • Liselotte Munk Tia Technology A/S
    Liselotte Munk
  • Pernille Jackson Scanjour A/S
    Pernille Jackson
    HR Director
  • Carlaxel Surtevall Casall AB
    Carlaxel Surtevall
  • Trine Brahm Novozymes A/S Trine Brahm
  • Katarina Forsberg Casall AB
    Katarina Forsberg
    Business Unit Manager
  • Lise Andersen Toyota Danmark A/S
    Lise Andersen
    HR Konsulent
  • Marianne Gulløv The Body Shop
    Marianne Gulløv
    PR Manager
It is estimated that 20-30 % of the Danish population suffer from stress. According to the WHO, stress and depression will be leading contributors to the disease burden in 2020læs mere