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Relations create results

When people in a team get on well with each other, results are generated in the form of improved well-being and performance. When a team does not work, it is often because the dynamics between the team members are a challenge.

Career Coach has focus on the relations in your team because this is where the possibilities are for influencing efficiency and productivity positively through improved well-being and thus better job satisfaction.

A strong team delivers progress for your business – also in times of change. At Career Coach, we plan programmes based on your business needs and objectives. The challenges could be:

  • Organisational changes
  • Downsizing
  • Conflicting cultures and values
  • Lack of motivation
  • Unclear objectives and lack of results
  • Challenges with well-being at work
  • Teams with high stress levels

We are devoted to increasing well-being, efficiency and productivity within the team. In brief, we want to turn unhealthy conditions or habits into results. Together, we identify the challenges, map out the efforts needed and the desired results. We document the efforts through work measurements and KPIs in cooperation with the business. The process could include definition of goals, dialogue plays, profile analysis, etc

We generate development for employees and leaders in knowledge-intensive industries such as the IT, pharmaceutical and life science industries læs mere
  • Louise Vestergaard H. Lundbeck A/S
    Louise Vestergaard
    HR Global Talentudvikling
  • Laurits Bach Sørensen Aastra Telecom A/S
    Laurits Bach Sørensen
    Adm. direktør
  • Trine Brahm Novozymes A/S
    Trine Brahm
    HR Udviklingschef
  • Liselotte Munk Tia Technology A/S
    Liselotte Munk
  • Pernille Jackson Scanjour A/S
    Pernille Jackson
    HR Director
  • Carlaxel Surtevall Casall AB
    Carlaxel Surtevall
  • Trine Brahm Novozymes A/S Trine Brahm
  • Katarina Forsberg Casall AB
    Katarina Forsberg
    Business Unit Manager
  • Lise Andersen Toyota Danmark A/S
    Lise Andersen
    HR Konsulent
  • Marianne Gulløv The Body Shop
    Marianne Gulløv
    PR Manager
It is estimated that 20-30 % of the Danish population suffer from stress. According to the WHO, stress and depression will be leading contributors to the disease burden in 2020læs mere