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Social responsibility provides good ambassadors

In situations of crisis, it becomes clear just how deeply rooted social responsibility is in the business' fundamental values. The decisions and actions of the management have far-reaching consequences for the employees who are dismissed, but also for the employees who survived and must now carry on activities and ensure development for the business in future.

Social responsibility must ensure that employees leave with their dignity intact and must provide support and security for the colleagues who are left behind. Outplacement in Career Coach helps businesses carry out dismissals in a dignified manner and offers professional advice to dismissed employees. With Outplacement, Career Coach is dedicated to helping your employees build their own platform for success. When we work with outplacement, we move across all levels of the organisation. We work our way to the heart of and job satisfaction through tailored and individual programmes. We then assist in motivating the individual employee to transform his or her platform into a specific job. One of the success criteria is that the employee leaves your business with a good feeling – so that he or she is a good ambassador for your business.

Career Coach prides itself on producing striking results via our Outplacement services, which we measure in terms of how quickly the employee moves on in the right job. As personal coaches, we spot resources, motivate achievements and promote the end result - which means getting the employee the right job. Among the phases included in an outplacement programme are:

The clarification phase
The new situation is clarified through discussions with the employee, and together we strengthen awareness about personal and professional skills. Career wishes and job opportunities are outlined and included in the employee's competence profile in the form of a CV.

The action phase
An action plan is devised once the employee is aware of own resources and skills. Along the programme, we follow up on the action plan regularly, which is the employee's tangible tool.

We generate development for employees and leaders in knowledge-intensive industries such as the IT, pharmaceutical and life science industries læs mere
  • Louise Vestergaard H. Lundbeck A/S
    Louise Vestergaard
    HR Global Talentudvikling
  • Laurits Bach Sørensen Aastra Telecom A/S
    Laurits Bach Sørensen
    Adm. direktør
  • Trine Brahm Novozymes A/S
    Trine Brahm
    HR Udviklingschef
  • Liselotte Munk Tia Technology A/S
    Liselotte Munk
  • Pernille Jackson Scanjour A/S
    Pernille Jackson
    HR Director
  • Carlaxel Surtevall Casall AB
    Carlaxel Surtevall
  • Trine Brahm Novozymes A/S Trine Brahm
  • Katarina Forsberg Casall AB
    Katarina Forsberg
    Business Unit Manager
  • Lise Andersen Toyota Danmark A/S
    Lise Andersen
    HR Konsulent
  • Marianne Gulløv The Body Shop
    Marianne Gulløv
    PR Manager
It is estimated that 20-30 % of the Danish population suffer from stress. According to the WHO, stress and depression will be leading contributors to the disease burden in 2020læs mere